Meditation Essentials

When I started my meditation practice at home in Cape Breton- I sat down in my living room with the assumption learning to meditate was going to be difficult. I started because I wanted better focus, and a deeper connection with myself.

The first time I tried meditation I was faced with a mind full of racing thoughts- so I did what most people do... I tired to turn my mind off. I realized quickly this was an impossible task, and started my search for what meditation really was.

I had to search through a lot of information, but soon I started to learn how to meditate. Over time I knew I had to find a teacher, someone who could guide me to further my practice- and that is when I found Sarah Mclean.

Having studied with Sarah, I was first taught the 5 essentials to meditation. These are something I wish I would have known when I started my practice- so I would like to share them with you.

Meditation does take practice, but it is much more gentle and soft than most realize. Here is a look at the 5 essentials of meditation

1. Its ok to have thoughts. Thinking is the nature of your mind, just like the nature of your eyes are to see . When you have thoughts and notice you have lost focus just gently return your attention to the practice. In meditation failing is a good thing. Each time you return your attention from thinking, you enhance your practice.

2. Don’t try to hard. With meditation, your mind and body will settle down naturally, and as with any natural process, too much effort is not necessary, so enter the meditation with softness.

3. Let go of expectations- Often we have preconceptions about what meditation is supposed to feel like and we try forcefully to create peace- which will have the opposite affect. Having a beginners mind in your practice is a more gentle approach.

4 Be kind to yourself, regardless if you are brand new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner each experience is separate from the next. Be gentle towards yourself as you commit to connecting with your true self

5. Stick with it, even when your mind wanders or thoughts arise about something more important that needs your attention. As you gently re-focus you are training to have more control over your attention outside of meditation.

I look forward to working with you on your journey to learn meditation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions