You already are...

As a new year fast approaches, many of us are reflective, seeking new ways to make the next 365 days the best ones yet.

We make lists, plan new eating habits and we promise to our higher-selves that this year we will be better….

But what if you were already perfect?

What if despite all the snacking, all the missed gym days, all the moments spent in regret- we just accepted who we are, and loved ourselves unconditionally?

What if when we went into the fridge at 1am to grab a piece of chocolate, we enjoyed it? What if we jumped off the roller coaster of false promises and guilt? What if we decided to enjoy all of who we are?

When we eat that piece of chocolate at 1am it goes much deeper than a short moment of remorse. Instead, many of us ride down a mental river of never being good enough, never having enough will power, our bodies not being perfect and that tomorrow somehow will be better.

I say…. enjoy that chocolate. And today, you already are perfect.

When that sweet brown deliciousness was being made, I highly doubt its purpose was to create self loathing. I imagine a chocolatier creating with love, envisioning his customers having a moment of enjoyment.

The truth is, setting healthy intentions can be a very helpful practice but only if we are creating them out of love and respect for ourselves. The moment we set an intention with a foundation that we are not good enough, we fail before we begin.

Over the years that I have been learning meditation, one of the surprising benefits of my practice has been the spontaneous creation of self love. I never sat down with the intention I was going to learn to fully love and accept myself, but over time I noticed subtle changes in the way I internally spoke to myself.

When I sit and close my eyes, I begin checking in with myself. How do I feel today? What emotions are present? How does my body feel? Whatever I find, I allow. Some days I am faced with deep sadness and others stillness. Some days I sit with joy and others impatience. I just keep allowing it to be there. Honouring it. Cultivating acceptance.

This sounds very simplistic but how often do we really sit with ourselves in this way? When we meet with a friend we ask them “how are you?” When we practice meditation we are asking ourselves this question.

Over time we begin to better understand who we are. We create a deep understanding of our inner workings. We build a friendship with our self.

Although benefits of meditation can be felt the moment we open our eyes, it takes time to break free from the habit of self-loathing. I don’t know if we ever break free from it completely but one thing I know for sure is it has developed a much greater sense of appreciation for who I am.

Take some time today to get to know yourself. Close your eyes and just check in. Be gentle with yourself. When you set your intentions for yourself, do so knowing you are already great. Know you wake up everyday doing the very best that you can.

Light & Love

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