Life doesn't always run in a straight line. For many of us life gives us many challenges. 

My vision is to share a tool with you that can give you some support during your journey.  

As we go though the motions of life there comes a time many of us wonder- Is this all there is? We begin to search for a deeper experience, and start looking for unique ways to find deeper meaning.  


We soon realize that much of our attention has been focused outside of ourselves. To go beyond our everyday routine it can be beneficial to create a relationship with ourselves. 


Through the practice of meditation you can begin to create self compassion, and tap into our wisdom. 


And the wonderful news is with a little guidance  anyone can learn, including you. 


Meditation allows you to better understand yourself, and make more nourishing choices. What you learn about yourself during your practice is then mirrored into your day. 


 I realize learning to sit without being distracted can seem like an impossible task for many of us, but in our busy world it is exactly what many of us need. As we sit, we also tap into the body's natural ability to rest and digest.  


Teaching has allowed me to expand my understanding that the practice of meditation can benefit a wide range of people. I have worked with business professionals who want to enhance their focus at work, busy parents who wanted to develop more tolerance in their relationships, corporations who wanted to give the gift of meditation to their employees, people who have suffered trauma, children and many more. 


After receiving my initial training at the Mclean Meditation Institute, I have continued my journey of learning, attending workshops and continuing education programs. 


To extend my reach ever further I have graduated from the Warriors at Ease meditation program, allowing for specialized training to work with individuals who have suffered trauma or have PTSD. 


My vision is to expand the practice of meditation to you so that whatever life you are living- a busy professional career to a deep spiritual journey, you can experience the benefits of meditation. 


If what I am offering connects with you, please reach out to me. You can attend one of my many meditation group classes or a private session in person or online. 






 Free Meditations ...

If you are new to meditation and would like to access some meditation essentials to help you with your practice please click the video below.


Meditation Essentials (Guide to your practice)



Do you have trouble sleeping? Please enjoy these free mindfulness based bedtime stories written and narrated by Lori Westbury







I have never been able to calm my mind due to a mild form of ADD and certainly couldn't meditate. I attended meditation classes/sessions that left me feeling unfulfilled. However, I attended a meditation session recently led by Lori where I finally "got it". Thanks to Lori's instructions in her hypnotic voice and the calming background music that she chose, I felt my mind become quiet and I was able to focus. This was such a major accomplishment for me, and I left the class feeling a sense of peace and accomplishment. Lori is an asset to the meditation community- R.W


We often feel unsure when starting new things, but with Lori, I instantly felt relaxed. She has such a calm and beautiful way about her. Lori strives to make connections with all who attend. I personally feel more mindful and am starting to feel more connected to myself. What I like most is that she reminds us to do what works for yourself, don't try and be or do what isn't you. I love what I am learning and feel with each class I am becoming more connected to my authentic self. K.L  


I am a Canadian Forces veteran with 22 years of service given to my Country. The Mindful Meditation given by Lori is extremely important to me and my wellbeing. This meditation program has without a doubt helped guide me through some very low, dark days and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to have participated in this excellent initiative. I actually look forward to going to this meditation program every week, twice a week. I believe this is mostly due to the professionalism, knowledge, and expertise of the subject matter given by Lori our instructor and not to mention the various relaxation, peacefulness and coping strategy benefits being taught each class. T.C


Meditation is a modern way of finding absolute peace and tranquility for the hour-long session. To the point where I even recently fell asleep during a session. That screams volumes. In talking with the other veterans who also attended, we all would highly recommend that every single veteran who hasn't done so, to attend just one class to see if it's for them. They will be pleasantly surprised that it is in fact, for them too. W.C


I had so many ideas about what meditation was. It wasn't until I joined my first class with Lori that I learned I had a lot of misconceptions about the practice. I realized meditation is not about turning off the mind, instead, it's about placing gentle focus so the mind can settle on its own.  I now try to practice every morning. N.D


Lori spent an afternoon with our staff teaching mindfulness in the workplace. She gave a very professional presentation that fit well in our corporate setting. We received positive feedback from our employees instantly and for days after the training. We were shown the importance of present moment awareness, compassion towards fellow staff, mindful minutes at work and more. J.T